Rebright Partners, a startup fund backed by leading Japanese internet companies and focused on investing in startups in Southeast Asia, announced that it has formed a new fund called Rebright Partners II Investment Partnership, looking to enhance investments in consumer-focused mobile-first or mobile-only startups in India.

The fund is valued at 2.4 billion yen or $20 million, following the “zeroth” fund Batavia Incubator launched in 2011 in partnership with Indonesian financial conglomerate Corfina as well as the first fund launched in 2011.

According to Morgan Stanley’s latest report, “The number of internet users in India has risen steeply from 50 million in 2007 to 100 million in 2010 and more than 300 million by 2014, making India the second-largest internet market (after China) in the world. With this new fund, Rebright Partners has appointed Brij Bhasin, who earlier worked at Bangalore-based acceleratorGSF,  while inviting former Deloitte Tohmatsu employee Takumi Kawai as an investment manager for the Southeast Asian market.

Rebright Partners wants to bring these experiences from the Japanese mobile industry to the startup ecosystems in India and Southeast Asia to help them grow further and faster.

(RK) 6-MAY-2015


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