Hong Kong is ranked number one globally in terms of technological infrastructure according to the Institute for Management Development, Lausannein 2014. Hong Kong is ranked fourth in fixed telephone lines per 1,000 inhabitants, following behind after Taiwan, France and Korea. And, second place in the fixed telephone tariffs per local calls, after Canada. Also, Hong Kong is ranked first in the mobile phone subscriber per 1000 inhabitants and internet bandwidth; along with second place in the mobile phone costs per local calls, after India.

On the market structure, Hong Kong has the fastest peak internet connection in the world and the second largest connection speed in the world. The household broadband penetration rate is 83.2% and mobile penetration rate is 239.1% (one of the higher in the world). As a result, Hong Kong is a good test-bed for ICT companies, a small matured market that is geographically and economically close to China. In addition, Hong Kong as a highly liberalized ICT market with no import duties, no entry barriers, a highly transparent and predictable regulatory framework and a service-oriented economy.

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Source: European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao Trade Sector

(ICE HK) - 7-May-2015

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