Hong Kong’s digital start-up scene is thriving with several companies already making name for themselves.

8Now. Storyappy. AfterShip. WeLab. Divide. Not some mysterious code, but the names of some of Hong Kong’s brightest start-ups. According to a report released last year by Google and the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Center for Entrepreneurship, the number of Hong Kong start-ups has tripled since 2009. Accelerators and incubators that nurture them have also tripled since 2009, as have funding providers, which have risen from 16 to 42. There are now more than 400 start-ups listed on Startupshk, a database and community resource for new business, which launched in 2010. Most use technology to disrupt traditional business models to offer cutting-edge solutions.

“The scene here is really booming,” says Atin Batra, who set up Ab.Initio, a digital marketing firm targeting start-ups. Since moving to Hong Kong a year ago, he said the number of co-working sites has grown, giving start-up entrepreneurs the space to share ideas and network. “There was just a handful a year ago. Now there are at least 48,” he said.

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