The Indian government in an attempt to come in par with the establishment of smart cities in alignment with the modern best smart cities in the world. The central government of India has initated the selection of cities to be made smart through a "smart city challenge".

The challenge encouages various states of India to propose their preferred cities to recieven funds for the urban development. The states compete in drafting proposals to encompass smart city componets like smart governance, smart grid, smart transportation and smart commuications to be named few.


The selection would be made on 2 stages and based on,

  1. Existing public service levels serving the population of the city.

  2. Institutional system and capabilities.

  3. Self sustenance and

  4. Past track record – execution of funds in previous government projects for urban development.

The states have submitted the proposals by 31 July,2015 for the central governmnet to asses the eligible cities to recieve phase 1 funds.

(RK)  03-Aug-2015

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