The Italian startup ecosystem finally seems to be building some momentum. Last month, Cisco Investments, the US behemoth's corporate venture capital arm, announced it is putting €5m into Invitalia Ventures, one of the main innovation-related funds in Italy. The move came as part of a broader strategic plan, which involves the multinational investing €100m over the next three years to boost the digital economy in the country.

It also follows shortly after Apple's unveiling of a new training center for app developers in Naples, which government innovation consultants have been quick to portray as a sign that Italy has made it onto the radar of international investors.Italy's problems do not stem from a shortage of innovative entrepreneurs: startups are springing up like mushrooms in Italy, but all too often they don't have the financial resources to scale.

However, there are signs that something is changing. Until recently, the main, and almost only relevant player in this field, was the Fondo Italiano d'Investimento, a "fund of funds" launched in 2011 by the Cassa Depositi a Prestiti, controlled by the Italian treasury, and some major Italian banks.

The Fondo started to invest in venture capital a year ago, with an initial availability of €50m and a target of raising €150m.




April -18-2016 (RK)




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