It’s certainly not just big companies that want to remain in Europe. Ambitious, trading, entrepreneurial businesses from embryonic tech start-ups to global market leaders all benefit from the access to the massive home market and huge network of international trade agreements that Europe delivers. That’s why 70% of technology firms, for example, want to remain in a reformed EU, compared with just 9% against membership. 

This sector is particularly important to the future of London because it offers huge potential to create jobs. And, incredible though it may seem, the London economy already has more software engineers than not just Silicon Valley but the whole of California.

Part of the reason tech is thriving is that Europe provides a massive domestic market of more than 500 million people. It also provides a huge pool of highly skilled talent, so if you need specialist software skills, you can probably find them. If UK walks away from Europe, these jobs could well start drifting to Berlin. And London tech firms could find it trickier to scale up like so many of them are doing right now.




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