StartupbootCamp offices in Rome, had been working hard to figure out which are the hottest cities in the world for foodtech startups. Scanning the globe up and down crunching all kinds of data: number of foodtech startups originated, number of deals generated, overall capital invested in foodtech startups, local support by ecosystem players such as incubators, accelerators, business angels, funds and governmental organizations.

2016 top 10 foodtech startup ecosystems in the world: London, Berlin, Rome, Bangalore, Silicon Valley, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Istanbul, and Milan.

Between June and September, startup boot camp will be visiting each of the top 10 cities and engaging with their foodtech ecosystems in 10 highly targeted FastTrack events.

Startupbootcamp will be visiting Bangalore on the 7th of July for selecting the start-ups. To apply check


The startup along with its potential competitors will be invited to present their company to top international foodtech mentors. Following the presentations, they will have a series of 1:1 feedback sessions with each of our mentors to discuss your product, idea, and team.

The most successful startups participating in each FastTrack event have also the potential to be selected for the 3 months Startupbootcamp FoodTech accelerator program. More on this here:

For exact details , please have a look at

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