Students of College of Engineering, Pune were not only successful in creating a mini satellite named SWAYAM-1 but also being able to deploy it with the launch rocket PSLV C 34 from Sriharikota which was carrying 20 satellites with it on June 22.

The mini satellite SWAYAM-1 launched by ISRO (Indian Space research organization) split at 515.3 km into the orbit. SWAMAY is one of a kind satellite to employ an innovative technology of passive stabilization that doesn’t draw electrical power from stabilization in orbit but instead orients itself towards the earth’s magnetic field on its own.

As many as 176 students were involved in the project of making SWAYAM -1 starting at 2008 funded around Rs.50 Lakhs. SWAYAM -1 is a 997 gram, lightest weighing satellite amongst the 20 satellites to be deployed in the space by PSLV C34.

June-23-2016 (RK)

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