In a bid to further aid and accelerate India’s startup ecosystem, Cisco announced a brand new LaunchPad program. The program will focus upon providing industrial mentoring to developers and startups, based upon their needs. The program will also see Cisco working with selected start-ups to develop products together.

The LaunchPad is basically an open innovation initiative that will seek to accelerate the growth of relevant startups and support India’s massive developer community. Under this program, a bunch of teams from Cisco will be working to mentor startups and the developers involved with them. The assistance provided will also take a very diverse form. Please find the link below for the program.

From matching appealing ideas with business expertise to connecting engineering talent with investors and customers, the Cisco LanchPad will provide all around support to the deserving startups. The LaunchPad is yet another example of how serious the company is with regards to India’s startup ecosystem and is in addition to the Cisco Digitisation Acceleration and Cisco Investment programs in India. The company already has a significant footprint in the country and has 11,000 people on its payroll.

Meanwhile, the selected startups will also receive a space at Cisco’s Bengaluru campus with access to a suite of its technologies. Apart from all these goodies, the companies chosen to work at its campus will also receive financial grants and other aid, including expert mentoring and assistance.

The application for entry into the 4-month long program is open now. Interestingly, Cisco will not take any equity in the start-ups selected for the program. Cisco is also collaborating with Tech Mahindra to co-develop digital solutions for Indian electric utilities. The companies will be working with selected startups and developers to accelerate digitalization in the niche.


July -4-2016 (RK)

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