The ODI (Open Data Institute) and the Digital Catapult have today published the UK Tech Innovation Index, showing the UK’s most active innovation communities by industry sector, in an online interactive map.

The aim of the research is to help gain a clearer picture of the UK innovation landscape, and inform business and public sector decision-making around investment and growth.

The index combines data on tech events, conferences and meetups from a range of sources with academic publications, local skills measures, business startup rates, and research and development spending.

Together, these shed new light on where British innovation is flourishing. The rankings show how active the innovation community is in 36 of the largest UK cities, across seven key industrial sectors:

Artificial intelligence
Internet of things
Machine learning
Virtual reality
The rankings show that:

Tech innovation is unsurprisingly strong in London. However innovation is not limited to the southeast: there are highly active hubs across the country, including Edinburgh, Reading, Cardiff and Liverpool.
Innovation is aligned with local industries in many places, particularly smaller cities. Aberdeen, with its strong offshore engineering industries, and Coventry and Birmingham with their car industries, are today very strong in manufacturing innovation.
Larger cities have strong innovation ecosystems across all measured sectors, such as London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

The rankings incorporate data from multiple tech-event calendar sites: Meetup, Eventbrite and Open Tech Calendar, and from a new system for classifying scientific publications. The algorithm built to create the rankings combines this data with more widely-used measures, such as: the number of startups in a city; nearby research and development spending; and the percentage of people with degree-level or equivalent qualifications.

More info and to see the map, please visit


Source and content by Anna Scott, Head of Content at the ODI. 






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