The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has taken initiative to play an important role in the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong. The innovation and technology in Hong Kong is often associated with scientific researchers, technological inventors, risk-taking investors or funding from Government or quasi-Government organization, entrepreneurial producers and the adventurous consumers. It is the support from these stakeholders that pursuits on scientific discoveries and technological inventions that result in the production of new goods and services.

The latest movement from the HKSAR is the proposal to establish an Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) for formulating policies and promoting the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong and coordinating relevant effort within the government. The current two government departments in these sectors, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) will report to ITB after its establishment.

The tasks of ITB will include:

Improving the current R&D to increase the application of information technology in the public sector
Strengthening the linkages among stakeholders
Motivating the commercialization of R&D result
Identifying measures to strengthen policy research and collaboration with different places to promote bilateral scientific and technology exchanges

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(AFMS) 5-Feb-2015

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