L’Innovation Desk di Los Angeles ha recentemente intervistato Chris Olson, Director of Operations di Amplify (accelerator di Venice beach) sui temi Silicon Beach e startup. Di seguito una breve introduzione di Amplify, di Olson (fonte: e l’intervista integrale in inglese: 

Amplify is Southern California's premier startup accelerator and entrepreneurial campus in Venice, California. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Amplify is perfectly positioned—physically and programmatically—to help our companies thrive. We have an unmatched team of investors, mentors and executives who are committed to helping our founders build their startups into strong, scalable, successful companies.

Chris Olson is the Director of Operations at Amplify. Chris has an extensive background in Front End Design, Development, Product Development and Online Marketing which gives him a unique ability in helping early stage startups. Chris attended the University of Southern California where he studied Economics. 


1) What are the most important factors of start up success in Silicon Beach? 

First and foremost success is dependent on the team. This holds true no matter where you plant your flag as a company but it’s even more important in a young technology ecosystem. Amplify is exposed to companies in their infancy, this means a lot about the business can change so believing in the right people that can whether those changes and make the most is our strongest investment thesis. 
Second, a start up in Los Angeles has to be right for Los Angeles. We have a lot of great resources in Los Angeles but we don’t have all the resources. Be cognizant of what your company needs from a resource standpoint and where demographically those resources are centrally located. If you need a special kind of engineer, make sure the company those types of engineers work for are in a place you set up your business. If you need specific strategic partners, make sure you can meet with them in person whenever they become available. Los Angeles obviously has a strong connection to the Media and Entertainment world, if your business is dependent on those types of connections Los Angeles could be a great place for you.

2) What are the factors that lead a start up to choose Silicon Beach instead of Silicon Valley?

I believe there are a few great reasons but the most important factor is the size of the community. It has been pretty easy for us to determine who is serious and who is not. I think when a community gets very large they lose that ability which could stall the cultivation of key relationships.   
Other reasons include:
Los Angeles County graduates the most Engineers out of any other county in the United States.
Los Angeles weather makes for a very enjoyable lifestyle.  

3) Case studies, successful start up stories you were involved with or that have been relevant for Silicon Beach growth and reputation. 

Los Angeles has had a lot of exciting moments in recent years. Cornerstone on Demand and TrueCar both had successful IPO’s and continue to be treated well by Wall Street. Recent LA acquisitions include Oculus Rift (sold to FB), Maker Studios (sold to Disney), (Target) and much much more. Snapchat has also made Los Angeles their home. Amplify specifically has had some of their most exciting moments recently. 4 of our companies raised Series A in 2014 (ClubW, TheBouqs, Bitium & DSTLD). In 2013 Amplify had two portfolio companies get acquired: Kingmaker (Joyus) & ShipMate ( With 2 strong years of Venture Capital deployment (over $1 Billion) into Startups LA is well capitalized and poised for even greater success in the coming years. 

4) Are there Wall Street investors/venture capital funds in Silicon Beach?  

There aren’t a ton of Wall Street Investors but we do have a healthy supply of early stage Venture Capital Investors. Some include: Greycroft Ventures, Upfront Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, Wavemaker Ventures, + many more.

Per maggiori informazioni concernenti Amplify si veda:

(AP) 20-Feb-2015

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