The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) was held on 19-20 January 2015 in Hong Kong. This forum gathers over 100 distinguished speakers and more than 2,600 global leaders in the government, finance and business sectors.

The post-fair report was recently released capturing an overall review of the investment market in South and Southeast Asia. 43% of the participants believed that the economic liberalization and structural reform to be the top drivers of growth in China 2015.

61% predicted China’s GDP growth in the coming year to be around seven per cent. 41% of the audience believed that the greatest threats in China would be the local government debt and the shadow banking problem.

The top three investment destinations in South and Southeast Asia is India (21% of the audiences voted for) followed by Malaysia (18%) and Thailand and Indonesia (tied at 15%). Audience members also chose healthcare (28 %) and e-commerce (24 %) as the sectors with the greatest growth potential in Asia, with green industries as well as telecommunications, media and technology tied for third.

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Source: HKTDC

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