Hong Kong is the second largest private equity centre in Asia, providing local and regional start-up companies with a readily available source of equity financing. Private equity is an asset class investing in equity of non-publicly traded companies. The common investment strategies of private equity firms include, but are not limited to, venture capital, leveraged buyouts, growth capital, and distressed investment. Venture capital is one of the most popular strategies used by private equity firms in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's stock market offer easier exits for venture investments. Among private-equity-backed IPOs, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has hosted a major share of Chinese mainland investors’ sales.

With the growing focus of venture capital investment in the Greater China region (comprising the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), the Chinese mainland has become the largest private equity centre in Asia. Mainland-related investment also provides a major theme for Hong Kong's venture capital fund-raising activities. Hong Kong will continue to be an ideal platform for the exit private equity investment, with its IPO fund-raising ranking among the top three in six consecutive years from 2009-2014.

Organisations in Hong Kong helping support the development of private equity/venture capital include Hong Kong Micro Venture Capital (HKMVC) and Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HKVCA).

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Source: HKTDC


(AFMS) 17-Mar-2015

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